About Flux Agents

Modern business media follows themes in employee trends: aspirations of savvy leaders, the changing face of business due to technology & globalization, and the future of the workforce based on psychographics, community, and adaptation. The workforce is evolving, and opportunities are ripe for innovative & motivated people. The nucleus of this evolution centers on Flux Agents.

Flux Agents are boundaryless leaders- this means they’re psychologically or physically mobile, and they self-direct their careers in accordance with their values. They are intrinsically motivated. They are growth minded. They adapt in ever-changing environments, and they are open to new experiences. Indeed, they enjoy altering their careers in accordance with opportunities. Flux Agents flourish in modern business. Their life’s work is multi-dimensional.

This research centers on the mindsets of those who thrive across business boundaries. It seeks to explain the social realities constructed by agile businesspeople across multiple platforms and characterize the ethos of those with this mindset. Flux Agents is the topic of Bethany Miller’s doctoral thesis. It’s an exclusive perspective of a unique category of leaders- the first ever study of its kind.

Dr. Bethany Miller

Bethany Miller is an aviator, businesswoman, writer and world traveler. She’s passionate about aviation, global affairs, art, and science. She’s currently an airline pilot and writer, but has held a variety of business and aviation roles. Bethany is a combat veteran and served in the US Air Force for 20 years as a Command Pilot flying heavy cargo jets on global airlift missions. She held many leadership and staff positions, and retired in 2015 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Bethany has a BS in Atmospheric Science from The Ohio State University (where she fell in love with chaos theory and thermodynamics) and an MBA in Global Business from the Georgia Institute of Technology (where she completed international study programs in Argentina, the UAE, and India). She completed her DBA at Université Paris-Dauphine writing her thesis on Flux Agents, a psychographic categorization of the agents of modern business.

Bethany has been published in Cake&Whiskey Magazine, MBA Women Magazine, fastcompany.com, and Levo.com.

For more information about Bethany’s other work or to connect with her, visit here.

"Business can be creative when creative people are doing business."