From Hogwarts to Human Rights

Sometimes your career is a beauty; sometimes it’s a beast.

Emma Watson knows both sides of the equation. She’s a heroine in reality and fantasy alike. Sorceress and friend? Yes. Human rights advocate and spokesperson? Yes. International attraction? Yes- and for oh so many reasons. Emma has perfected Flux Agency without a glimmer of effort. Here’s why.

As a young actress, Emma trained in a craft she loved. She studied performing arts from a young age and was a breakthrough hit as Hermione. Though she has played many roles over the years, Hermione will always be a part of her magic because we came of age with her in the Harry Potter movies. But Emma had bigger things in store for her than even a megawatt magical character. There was the ivy league education. There was modeling. There was travel. There was meditation certification. Her transitions have been professional; seamless. And she has a voice.

When the UN asked Emma to be a Goodwill Ambassador, Emma didn’t hesitate. She was appointed in 2014 and has taken a very visible role as the sponsor of He For She, a feminist platform advocating that women’s rights are equally important for both genders. She makes powerful speeches at major global events. And the world takes notice.

And she still acts. And she still reads. And she still travels. For Emma, life and career are integrated. She has a mission that’s true to her values and embedded in her personality. She hones her skills in multiple areas and is open to the new experiences that these varied and important parts of her career take her. Flux Agents are boundaryless and growth-minded activists. They thrive in a world where one project leads to another and their individuality serves a purpose in this world. Emma fits the bill.

Careers that are bold enough to straddle these diverse worlds drive change. The people in them are remembered for their stamina, uniqueness, and boldness. Emma Watson may be remembered as the girl wizard of storybook fame, but her career moves will impact girls and boys for generations to come.

  • Boundaryless
  • Openness to Experience

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."

Margaret Mead