You know him as the 43rd President of the United States, but there’s a lot more to George W. Bush than meets the eye. In true Flux Agent fashion, President Bush has not limited himself to solely focusing on politics.

Early Life

In high school, George W. Bush was a cheerleader. Not just any cheerleader, however; he was the head cheerleader. He found the time to play on his high school baseball team as well.

In college, he joined Delta Kappa Epsilon and took on the role of fraternity president his senior year. On top of that, he played on Yale’s rugby union team. He later attended Harvard Business School and was the first United States President to have earned an M.B.A.

Where is He Now?

So what is George W. Bush doing post-presidency?

  1. He’s a Rancher. Former President and First Lady George and Laura Bush acquired Prairie Chapel Ranch back before he became president in 2001. It was known as the “Western White House.” It’s where they spent some of their vacation time and exercised their southern hospitality by hosting public figures from around the world. Now, the couple owns a house in Texas and visits the ranch often.
  2. He’s a Writer. George W. Bush joked with Jimmy Kimmel that people “didn’t think [he] could read, much less write.” He’s written multiple books including Decision Points, A Charge to Keep, and his most recent book, Portraits of Courage.
  3. He’s an Artist. In his latest book, George W. Bush shows off his new found love for painting. Portraits of Courage: A Commander and Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors features beautiful oil paintings and stories of military veterans that touched the heart of the former president. He first decided to begin painting over four years ago after he read that Winston Churchill was a painter. He then hired an instructor, and now he’s donating the proceeds of his book to his non-profit.

George W. Bush truly embodies the Flux Agent’s lifestyle. He has learned many talents and uses them to benefit the lives of others. His life’s work is his ultimate masterpiece. If you identify with this mentality, you may also be a Flux Agent. For more inspiration, check out our blog on “Seekers, Learners, and Adventurers.”

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